Registration opened on the 1st of June 2019: HERE

FEES FOR THE CONFERENCE include lunch and coffee break during the conference

EARLY BIRDS (1st of June-15th July):

Students/Unwaged: 50 euros

Waged (Post Docs, Research Fellows, Researchers, Lectures, Professors): 80 euros

LATE BIRDS (16th July onwards):

Students/Unwaged: 80 euros

Waged: 120 euros


8.11 Social dinner: 25 euros

9.11: Trip to periurban farmers and agroecological projects: 30 euros

Once you have registered, you will receive information about the payment procedure.


We don’t want anyone to be excluded from the conference because they cannot afford to pay the registration fees. If that is your case, please apply for a grant by the 12 of June at the latest, by writing an email to specifying in the title/object of the email the word “GRANT”.

Applicants should specify: 1) name, affiliation, country, 2) whether you are the main author or co-author of what has been submitted, and title of the presentation; 3) why this conference is important to you; 4) the reason for applying for funding, and for which costs you are seeking financial help (i.e. part or all of the conference fees, accommodation, etc.), 5) what other funding (and from whom) you have identified or secured to cover the costs related to attending this conference.

The conference organising committee will discuss the applications at the meeting on the 13th of June and will notify applicants afterwards. Please note this is a limited fund, hence we might not be able to accommodate all requests. We are thinking about alternatives ways to cover the costs (like barter).