Special events

We have arranged a number of special events before, during and after the conference. Before the conference: Phd workshop (9am-5pm) and ‘Meet and Greet’ drink (informal gathering 6-8pm). During the conference: Launch of International Forum for Agroecological Urbanism (day 1, morning), Book launch, aperitif, Social Dinner and music performance, free of charge for all registered delegates (day 1, evening), Radical methodologies Track (sessions on both day 1 and 2 of the conference).  After the conference: Launch of Coventry Food Charter (Thursday 16th November, evening). Please see details below:

Pre-conference PhD students event (pre-registered only) 

On Monday 13th November (09:30-16:30), at Square One (Coventry University, Priory Street, CV1 5QP), those who have pre-registered for this event will engage in a day-long self-run event. This informal meeting attempts to gather PhD students and young professionals eager to share their stories as well as learn from experienced researchers and experts in the field of food systems sustainability.


10.00-12.00 Warming up: Interactive training session with focus on personal skills
12.00-13.00 Lunch (a map with places to have lunch will be provided)
13.00-14.30 Masterclass with expert (Kevin Morgan, is available till app. 16.00)
14.30-14.50 Break
14.50-16.00 Topic discussion, discussion in groups about the topics Kevin Morgan did touch upon
16.00-16.15 Wrap up from Berlin and prevision of next Workshop (Portugal) and Webinars

Meet and greet

Monday 13th November 18:00 – 20:00
Venue: Drapers Bar and Kitchen (directions here: see it on google map)

If you’ve just arrived and fancy a bite to eat whilst getting to know some new people, then why not come down to “Drapers Bar and Kitchen” where CAWR staff as well as other conference attendees will meet to network and/or catch up! From Drapers, there are many exciting restaurants that you can try, here are some of our suggestions:

  • Al-Bader: Lebanese (0.1 mile)
  • Habibi: Arabian (0.4 mile)
  • Tumeric Gold: Indian (0.6 mile)

Launch of the International Forum for an Agroecological Urbanism

Tuesday 14th November, 9.45-11.00 am (Opening Plenary Keynote speech, venue: Technocentre).
What if solidarity, mutual learning, interspecies (more than human) exchanges, environmental stewardship, food sovereignty and people’s resourcefulness were the principles of a new paradigm for urbanisation? How would urban design, property regimes, food provision, collective services, and the whole ensemble of planning and socio-technical arrangements change, if they were informed by urban agroecology?
How can we begin to radically transform the food disabling urban landscapes that have systematically displaced food production, recovering both historical food growing practices and imagining new urban arrangements?
The call for papers for this 8th Annual Conference of the Sustainable Food Planning group has been shaped on the intellectual and social aims of the International Forum for a resourceful, reproductive and agroecological urbanism, which will be launched at the conference.
Chiara Tornaghi’s and Michiel Dehaene’s joint opening keynote speech (Tuesday 14th November, 9.45-11.00 am) will illustrate the thinking behind the Forum.
They contend that agroecology contains the political, social and ecological foundations for a radically alternative model of urbanisation – what they call a resourceful, reproductive and agroecological urbanism.

Radical methodologies track

Tuesday and Wednesday, Technocentre.
We have a whole track of sessions at the conference proposing alternative methodologies for research, action and reflexivity on food sovereignty and justice. These includes arts, performing arts, sensory sessions. One of these require to sign up before hand. See details and link in the programme.

Book launch “Meet the authors” (originally planned for Monday -please note this is now on Tuesday) and social dinner

Tuesday night is our social event. We will provide food and entertainment at no extra costs for all registered delegates. The social evening will start with a series of short presentations and then a possibility to meet the authors (and publishers) while drinks and canapés are served. These are the publications that will be presented:

  • Everyday Experts: How People’s Knowledge Can Transform the Food System (People’s Knowledge Collective)
  • Public Policies for Food Sovereignty: Social Movements and the State (Aurelie Desmarais, A, Claeys, P., Trauger, A.)
  • Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2017 The World Food Crisis: The Way Out 10th Anniversary Issue
  • Beginning to End Hunger: Food and the Environment in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and Beyond (Chappell, J.)
  • Food Sovereignity, Agroecology and Biocultural Diversity (Pimbert, M.)
  • Forest Gardening in Practice (Remiarz, T.)
  • Gender, Nutrition, and the Human Right to Adequate Food: Toward an Inclusive Framework (Bellows, A., Valente, F., Lemke, S. and Maria Daniela Nunez Burbano de Lara)
  • Political Ecology, Food Regimes, and Food Sovereignty: Crisis, Resistance, and Resilience (Tilzey, M.)
  • Special Issue of RUAF Magazine UAM No. 33 “Urban Agroecology” (Produced by CAWR & RUAF)

After the presentations and the mingling with the authors and publishers, we will serve dinner. All food (canapés and dinner) are from local farmers.

Here the menu Canapé menu and details of allergens ALLERGEN CHECK LIST

Music performance

During the social evening there will be a short music and engagement performance from Robin Gray (author of  “Three acres and a cow”).

Coventry Food Charter launch

Thursday 16th November, 5-7pm. Delegates planning to stay in Coventry longer than the conference, will have a chance to attend the launch of Coventry Food Charter, in the historical and beautiful the St. Mary’s Guild Hall (former castle and where the government was based for the short time Coventry has been the capital of the country!). In order to cater for the event, delegates will have to register on Eventbrite. Link here: book your free ticket