The 9th Annual Conference of the AESOP Sustainable Food Planning group is hosted by the Reseach Group on Architecture, Urbanism and Sustainability, (GIAU+s), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain).

Scientific committee

Marian Simón Rojo, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Surcos Urbanos, Spain (Connference coordination)

Chiara Tornaghi, Coventry University, UK (Chair AESOP-SFP)

Arnold van der Valk, University of Wageningen, Netherlands ( group Secretary)

Caroline Brand, Université de Grenoble-Alpes, France

Michiel Dehaene, Ghent University, Belgium

Nerea Morán Alonso, Germinando, Spain

Daniel López García, Red Ciudades por la Agroecología, Spain

Alberto Matarán, Universidad de Granada, Spain

Henk Renting, University of Applied Sciences AEREs, Netherlands

Ana Moragues-Faus, Cardiff University, UK


Joe NASR, Center for Studies in Food Security, Canada

Veronica HERNANDEZ JIMENEZ, Observatorio por una Cultura del Territorio, Spain