Conference Venue

Conference venue

The conference is organised by the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR), Coventry University. As our research centre is located in a rural area 4 miles outside the city (Ryton Gardens), for accessibility reasons we have arranged to host the conference on our campus facilities, in Coventry city centre.

All the sessions and plenary sessions will be hosted at the university main conference facility: Technocentre (address: Puma way).

The pre-conference event (PhD workshop), the Book launch & Meet the Author event, and social dinner, will take place at Square One, within The Hub. (Square one is a music, cinema and events venue located inside the student union building called ‘the Hub’).

The post conference event will be located in the historical St. Mary’s Guild Hall (on the back of the Council House, facing the ruins of the old cathedral).

All the venues are at a short walk from each other. The Technocentre and The Hub on main campus are linked via a well used pedestrian underpath under the ring road, connecting Short Street to Much Park Street. This is a 5-8 minutes walk.

Specific details on the rooms for each session will be available on the Conference Programme.

The Technocentre (@ the Technology Park):

Square One (venue for social evening)  website:

St. Mary’s Guild Hall:


The city of Coventry is well connected with London and Birmingham city centres.
By train (from London or from Birmingham): Coventry is an hour away from London Euston (London Euston is 10 minutes walk from King’s Cross and London International) and 25 minutes away from Birmingham New Street. Trains run every 10-15 minutes or less. There are also slower (and cheaper) trains run by the company ‘London Midlands’. Booking in advance is recommended to obtain significant discounts with all train companies (a single ticket for London can cost between £6 and £70!, so plan in advance!). Single journey tickets are cheaper than open-return tickets, and if you can avoid the peak hours in the morning you will get better deals. There are various websites from which you can book tickets online. One of these is: Typical costs for a return ticket (not an open-return) bought in advance: Coventry-Birmingham £8-10, Coventry-London £12-20.

By flight: Birmingham International Airport is 10-15 minutes away by train. The train station (“Birmingham International”, on the London-Birmingham line) is connected to the airport with a free monorail that run every 5-10 minutes and reach the airport in 2 minutes. London airports are also an option, as London is well connected to Coventry by train (see above).

Taxi: A typical journey between Birmingham Airport-Coventry city centre costs about £26-30 (one-way). To book a taxi, call: +44(0)24 7633 3333 (this is the largest taxi company “Central Taxi”).

How to reach the Conference Venues:

The city centre is very small, and the city is in general very walkable.

In the map below we have indicated the main venues of the conference and suggested walking routes. Please check the programme for updates shortly before the conference.

Nr 1 is The Hub/Square One.

Nr 2 is The Technocentre

Nr 3 is Coventry Council House. Entrance to St. Mary’s Guild Hall is from the back of the building.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 18.27.48

The Hub/Square One: from Coventry Station:  To walk from the station to The Hub  will take between 10 and 20 minutes. The Hub (nr 1 on the map) is located on the road connecting the Council House (number 3 on the map), the Drapers Cafe, the Herbert Art Gallery, and the University. If you would prefer a bus, you can take bus Nr. 1 or Nr. 11. and ask the driver to leave you at the Herbert Gallery.

The Hub building is a modern, yellow, glass and concrete building. Once you reach the building, enter from the main door (follow the steps, away from the main rood), pass two sets of glass doors and then turn immediately sharp left. You will see another set of glass door with the indications “Square one”. The main venue is at the end of the corridor.

The Hub building looks like this:

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 23.39.15

The Technocentre: to reach the Technocentre from the city centre (near Herbert Gallery/Council House), walk south along Much Park St., take the underpath (under the ring road) arriving in Short street, then walk straight for 20 more meters until you reach  Parkside. The building in from of you, on the other side of the road and beyond a car park is The Technocentre. You can either take the steps in from of you and cross the car park to enter the building for the back entrance, or turn left and walk alongs Parkside to enter the building on the front. If you come from the station or by car, you will arrive from Puma Way and see the front entrance. (see suggested path in red, on the map).