5th Webinar, Integrative and Resilient Food System Design, 8 October 2018

We are happy to invite you to the 5th Webinar for PhDs and Young Professionals organized by AESOP Sustainable Food Planning and LE:NOTRE Institute.

Date: 08.10.2018
Time: 15:00 CET (Berlin time)
Place: (online) https://webconf.vc.dfn.de/onlineseminar/
Theme: Integrative and Resilient Food System Design – Assessing Food Security at the Level of Metropolitan Regions – Lessons Learned from the FoodMetres Project

Invited Speaker: Dirk M Wascher

The Webinar is Free of charge!

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Short description:

Building upon the results of the EU project FOODMETRES (www.foodmetres.eu) from 2012-2016, Dirk Wascher will present the applications of the assessment tool ‘Metropolitan Foodscape Planner’ which allows to localize the spatial distribution of 9 food groups within a metropolitan foodscape system. Taking these types of quantitative assessments a step further, Wascher will introduce the Metropolitan Solutions project “Evidence-based Food System Design“ which will develop concrete design proposals for Smart Food Districts within the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam by combining logistic innovation, circular economy initiatives and climate adaptation strategies. The projects is embedded in an international network approach with cities such as Lisbon, Milan and Kannawurf (Germany) where the methodology has been tested and first design proposals have been developed.

Invited Speakers:

Dirk M. Wascher

Managing director at SUSMETRO – Sustainable Design for Metropolitan Landscapes

Dirk M. Wascher holds academic degrees in landscape planning from Germany and the United States (University of Washington, Seattle). He has been a member of the European Environment Agency Task Force in Brussels, Programme Officer at the European Centre for Nature Conservation and Senior Researcher at Wageningen UR, coordinating international projects on value chain innovation in and around the agro-food sector. As part of FOODMETRES (www.foodmetres-kp.eu) Mr. Wascher developed the quantitative ecological footprint tool ‘Metropolitan Foodscape Planner’. For the Network of Excellence LIAISE, he co-developed the design and implementation of the Sustainability Impact Assessment ToolKit (www.liaise-kit.eu) while at the same time developing a great deal of policy-analytical skills such as Knowledge Broker in policy-science sessions. As managing director of the consultant company SUSMETRO, Mr. Wascher provides expertise on metropolitan food planning – e.g. for the German IBA in the city of Heidelberg and the Federal State of Thuringia or to Phytowelt in implementing the Interreg Project BIVAC on bio-value chains. Mr. Wascher has taught landscape architecture at the University of Michigan, Wageningen University as well as European environmental policy at the University of Dayton. He is fluent in German, English and Dutch and communicates in French and Spanish.

Looking forward to a fruitful webinar!

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