Land use and urban planning as a catalyst of the agroecological transition_13-14 December 21

We are happy to announce the next International Conference Land use and urban planning as a catalyst of the agroecological transition, chaired by the GIAU+S (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid) and the Spanish Network of Agroecological Cities It will take place online next 13th and 14th December.

 It opens a space for collective reflection to exchange knowledge and experience between researchers and technicians, practitioners, and public bodies

ETSAM, 13-14 December 2021 (online EN/ES simultaneous translation)

The conferece is FREE OF CHARGE. Registration:

Monday 13rd December_10.30 -14.00: Agroecological food systems in masterplans

Facilitator: D. Jorge Molero Cortés, Red de ciudades por la Agroecología

10.30 Institutional opening

  • D. Alejandro Ramón Álvarez, Delegate Councilor for Agriculture, Sustainable Food and Vegetable Garden of the Valencia City Council, Presidency of the Network of Cities for Agroecology

10.45. Technical Handbook “Agroecological Food Systems in Urban and Land use Planning”. Marian Simón, GIAU+S (UPM), Red de Ciudades por la Agroecología.

11.15 Through the lens of the primary sector, Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture

11.45 Through the lens of social movements Josep Gavaldá, Asociación Per l’Horta, València (TBC)


12.30 Through the lens of the law. Rosario Alonso Ibáñez. Chair of Administrative Law. Universidad de Oviedo

13.00 Through the lens of municipal management. Montse Hernández Martín. Chief of Forestry Management Section. Zaragoza city council

13.30 Final remarks: How far can urban planning go? notes for a roadmap

Monday 13th December 16.00-18.30: AESOP-Sustainable Food Planning. 

16.00 Introdction. Jeroen de Vries y Roxana Triboi, LE:NOTRE Institute

16.15 Action Research: pointing tthe way for agroecological systems Daniel López, IEGD-CSIC, RCxAe

16.45 Session1 AESOP-SFP.

  • Public land as a resource for urban food policy? Constructing the missing geography and the evolution of public land ownership in the city region of Ghent (Belgium). Hans Vandermaelen, U. Ghent
  • Food as an Urban Space: A Comparative and Geo-Historical Analysis of Extended Urban Food Spaces in the Mediterranean Area. Sebastian Burgos, U. Milan-Bicocca

17.30 session 2 AESOP-SFP

  • From consumers to local governments, a territorial approach to healthy food access strategies in rural areas (South of France). Claire Néel, U. Montpellier
  • Exploring the Emergence of Innovative Multi-Actor Collaborations toward a Progressive Urban Regime in Madrid. Clara Medina, U. Leuven

18.15 Final remarks

Tuesday 14th December_16.00-20.00: Latin America: Agroecology, production and urban and rural spatial planning.

16.00 Manuel González de Molina (facilitator)

16.15 Food sytems in the metropolitan area of Concepción(Chile). Ana Zazo Moratalla, Universidad del Bio-Bio

16.40 Food close to the table and family farming. Mauricio Betancourt García, Escuela Superior de administración Pública de Bogotá (Colombia)

17.05 Socio-economic-environmental crisis and self-production of food: Agroecology in Argentinean cities, from the past to the future. Walter A. Pengue, GEPAMA, Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)

17.30 Discussion


18.15 Rosario, cultivate and feed: An urban agroecological experience. Ing. Agr.  Antonio Lattuca, Programa Agricultura Urbana de Rosario (Argentina)

18.40 Agroecological and environmental management of farms for the management of production in Páramo de Sumapaz,Colombia. Guillermo Montaño. Agrónomo 

Agroecología, Agroturismo y Borde de ciuAgroecology, Agrotourism and city edge (rural Bogotá). Ana Otilia Cuervo Arévalo, Líder Campesina

19.00 Claudia Toledo, Planning Division in the Biobío Regional Government, Chile

19.10 Discussion